The 'Engine of Innovation Mindset Map' is a companion to the Red Monkey Books written by Jef Staes. It outlines all the ideas and concepts in one large Mindmap. The map is divided in 5 story lines, each covering an important aspect of Innovation Management.

The colour of innovation will be red

1. Switch3D
2. Red Monkey Innovation Management

Organisations are Jungles

3. 3D-Business Units
4. The EOI Portfolio Matrix

We Are engines

5. AAA-Learning®
6. Learning Power
7. Jeff’s Law®

Managers are Heroes

8. The Engine of Innovation
9. The 3D-Manager
10. The EOI Agility Matrix

Rise of the red MOnkeys

11. EOI Mission Boxing
12. EOI Steps
13. EOI Deployment
14. EOI Mindsetting