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Master Class - Agenda

Dag 1

09u30    Walk-in 

10u00    Intro, hints, tips en praktische info 

10u15    Organizations in Search of a New Balance: Switch3D & Red Monkey Innovation Management

11u30    Break

11u45    3D-Smarts are Bright: AAA-Learning & Learning Power

13u00     Lunch Torenhof

14u00    3D-Smarts are Bright: Jeff’s Law & 3D-Smart conversations 

15u30    Break 

16u00    3D-Managers are Heroes: The 3D-Manager, The Engine of Innovation Agility Matrix  & In search of EOI Tuning Ideas 

18u00   Einde dag 1

19u00   Overnachting en Diner (optioneel)

Dag 2

09u00    Walk-in 

09u30    Overflow en Recap Dag 1 

10u00    3D-Business Units are Jungles: 3D-Business Units & The Engine of Innovation Portfolio Matrix 

11u45    Break

12u00    3D-Business Units are Jungles: In search of EOI Tuning Ideas

13u00    Lunch Torenhof

14u00    3D-Organizations are Cubes: EOI Mission Boxing, EOI Steps & EOI Deployment 

16u00    Break 

16u15    EOI Mindsetting

18u00   Einde van de Master Class


Doorheen de dag: Paint your Brain