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EOI Mindset for CEO's, Board Members and Executives


The EOI Mindset for CEO's and Executives

The 'Engine of Innovation Mindset' offers CEO's and decision makers important tools that will aid them in tackling some of the challenges they face daily. Some of the questions that are addressed.

What is the structure of an innovative organisation?

The EOI Mindset introduces the concept of the Mission Box. Each Business Unit Manager is the owner of a box that translates the corporate mission to its own internal working. The role of the CEO and other executives is organizing and structuring the individual boxes while guarding the mission and values of the organisation.

What is the role of supportive services such as HR, legal or finances ?

Organisational processes play an important role in creating an innovative culture in the organisation. Today, these processes are often initiated by supporting services, even without the explicit request of production or operation executives. This is the world upside down. It's the responsibility of core units to demand the support and processes they need to create a learning and innovative unit. HR, legal, finances, ... should be enablers of flexible learning, casting and investing processes.

How can my organisation or business unit participate in constructive networks?

New species are born where different ecosystems meet. The same is true for creative and innovative ideas. Networking is therefor crucial if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Not only within your own sector, but especially with other segments. Setting up these networks is no small task. The most important barrier is often language. This is where the EOI Mindset comes in. By offering a new innovation language that is shared by different organisations, it enables conversations and the exchange of ideas.